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welcome to ravenclaw tower
As you should know, this is the community for all members of hogwartsishome who have been sorted into Ravenclaw. This is a haven for the members, a place that can be considered to be the common room. This is where discussions, debates, and anything else related to Ravenclaw will be taking place.

To join, you must be sorted into Ravenclaw at platform_934, otherwise you will not be allowed into the community. Once you have been officially stamped as a Ravenclaw, please request entrance to the common room by requesting to join the community.

If you are a returning member looking to rejoin Ravenclaw, please comment here.

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what makes a ravenclaw | points-earning communities
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mod contact info
Your acting prefects are Jonathan (j-okay), and Andie (tralfamadore). If you have any questions, concerns or problems, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at ravenclaw.prefects@gmail.com, Twitter, or contact us through the means listed below:


Andie | tralfamadore

common room guidelines
★ Post whatever you like here! Don't spam us, but feel free to post about non-HP and HP things alike. House bonding is cool.

★ Do not post anything rude, do not use sticky caps who wrote that, and try to stay close to proper spelling and grammar. In general, make your posts as readable as possible.

★ Debates and "heated discussions" are welcome, but be respectful and do not make personal attacks. If you have the belief that a discussion can turn sour, it is best to ask a Prefect first or to not make the post at all ('ship debates, slash-relation, or many things sometimes considered only 'fandom' do fall under this).

★ Prefects reserve the right to take disciplinary action as they see fit. This includes (but is not limited to) screening posts, taking points (yes, from our own house), and even expelling if necessary--but let's make sure we never get there, right?

new claws
We'd like to get to know all our newly-sorted members right away. So, after your membership request has been approved, please take the time to fill out this survey and post it in the community, friends-locked and with the tag new claws. Thanks!

what makes a ravenclaw?
How Ravenclaw is Different written by schizophrenic0

I think if I had to succinctly sum up how Ravenclaws differ from the other houses, it would be this:

Gryffindors look at the world and see adventures to be had.
Slytherins look at the world and see opportunities to be gained.
Hufflepuffs look at the world and see friendships to be made.
Ravenclaws look at the world and see a never-ending library of things to be studied, learned, explored, and created.

points-earning communities
One of the biggest parts of hogwartsishome, as you may know, is that we all earn points for participating and at the end of each "term," one house is awarded the house cup! This is a good thing! However, some of you may be wondering exactly how we go about earning said points. Here's a breakdown of all the ways you can participate here (and earn points for your house and knuts for yourself).

hogwartsishome; Order activities, and monthly contests.

ravenclaw_house; Monthly in-house contests.

platform_934; The sorting community of Hogwarts is Home.

hh_clubs; Join a club and earn points doing a wide variety of activities.

hogsmeadewkends; Hogsmeade Weekends happen twice a term, containing contests for points and knuts.

hh_stamping; Character stamping at HiH.

hh_flourish; Order custom-made signatures and help House shops earn points.

hh_sugarquill; Post fanfiction or fanart in this community.

hih_animagus; Become an animagus and participate in activities as your animal form.

CURRENTLY CLOSED. hh_order; The Order of the Phoenix here at HiH. They host House Unity activities to help all the houses earn points.

CURRENTLY CLOSED. hihdailyprophet; Write and contribute to The Daily Prophet for points and knuts.

sortedchallenge; A Members-Only graphic challenge community.

hogwartsicons; HiH's graphic community for icons, banners and the like.

ravenclaw staff
j-okay [jonathan]
tralfamadore [andie]

hih head mod
theaeblackthorn [sas]

hih mod
slumber [evy]

appeals mod
slumber [evy]

appeals judges
tralfamadore [andie]
slumber [evy]
j-okay [jonathan]
back-up:="Back-up:" [apply here!]

daily prophet writers
[currently closed]

order members
[currently closed]

useful links
Current Sorting Log
Current In-House Contest

HiH Rules
Clubs FAQ
How to be a Claw at HiH - A Guide for the Newly Sorted
Ravenclaw Guide to HiH Economics (An Overview)

Ravenclaw Flourish Shops
Claw Roster & Viking Name Claims
Claw Chat Information

Claw Twitter
Claw Tumblr


HOUSE CUP WINNER TERM XXXIV: reigning prefects: melpomenethemis & ayebydan

In Term XXV & XXVI, Ravenclaw/Spreadsheets won HiH OTP.
In Term XIX, Ravenclaw/Benedict Cumberbatch was runner-up for HiH OTP.
We also won Best Cheerleader House in Term XXV & Term XVII and the Peeves Award in Term X.

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