Ravenclaw Prefects (claw_prefects) wrote in ravenclaw_house,
Ravenclaw Prefects

Ravenclaw Return and Leaving Post

PSA: Ravenclaw Activity Sweeps are no longer done due to low volume of membership. You are still free to leave Ravenclaw House for peace of mind, but it is no longer imperative.

All prefects have been asked to establish their own in-house leaving posts to faciliate the addition of returning members and the removal of leaving members into the System as this is now the prefects' responsibility.

If you are planning on leaving HiH, please comment here.

If you would like to return to HiH and to ravenclaw_house, please comment here with a link to your original Sorting application.

If you are planning on an extended hiatus, you may also comment here. Please place a hiatus banner in your journal's profile as well.

This post is public so that members who would like to return to Ravenclaw can see it. Comments are NOT screened. Questions should be directed to the current term's prefects.
Tags: !prefect post, leaving

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