Noe (sickle_girl) wrote in ravenclaw_house,

Hii! Well, I had to wait until it is official and now it is. I am hufflepuff now. I Know, I know and before everything else I want to make it clear that I appealed  because I felt I was no longer fit for Ravenclaw (which I love with all my heart but no longer feel identified as one). I know some people appeal due to drama within the house but this is not the case because Ravenclaw is simply clawesome and made or stars. The reason why I appealed was because I felt it unfair to be here when I no longer felt like one, it felt like intruding.
Ravenclaw, I can't thank you enough for all you have given me all these years and I still love you all (besides I am not leaving HiH!).
Anyway, I just wanted to let you  know that you have been nothing but wonderful and that I love you ♥
Hope we all have a new amazing term!
Sending you my love, Noe ♥

ETA: I have made the post public, in case someone comments and I am no longer a member. Hope that's ok.
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